Louisville, Kentucky

St. Matthews Baptist Church


3,400 sq ft Addition
20,095 sq ft Renovated

Mission-driven issues, to engage the surrounding community and offer services that were in need, prompted this church to take action.

The St. Matthews Baptist Church project consists of two components; an addition and renovation to the Children’s Ministry wing, and renovations to the Sanctuary Lobby and bathrooms.

In terms of the Children’s Ministry component, the church needed to solve a few pragmatic issues;

  • The new canopy provides a covered area for child drop off and pick up.
  • The 2-story lobby provides a light-filled volume for security-driven child check in process.
  • The new addition also created two separate areas for a spacious indoor playground as well as a common area for group gathering.
  • All three levels of the Children’s Ministry wing, which included every classroom from preschool daycare to the new teen area, wre completely renovated and included new bathrooms at each level.
  • Secondly, the Children’s Ministry wanted to address some mission-driven issues as well. The open and glassy addition creates a transparent and inviting ‘front door’ which reaches out and engages with the surrounding neighborhood. The addition has enabled the church to provide services and amenities to the community such as free open play times at the indoor playground.

The church sanctuary also received various upgrades to the lobby and completely renovated and expanded bathrooms. These provide better amenities for the church services as well as community oriented programs ranging from graduations to holiday performances.