This new space blends modern design features with the building’s original industrial character.

Louisville, Kentucky


140,000 sq ft

This historic restoration was part of a revitalization effort for Paristown’s cultural arts and entertainment district that includes Stoneware & Co., Old Forester’s Paristown Hall, Christy’s Garden, and The Cafe. Built in 1875, the building that once housed the old Louisville Leather Company, survived the 1937 flood. The building was on the verge of caving in, as flooding had caused the building to sag in the middle and had to be carefully lifted and leveled before the historic restoration could begin. 

This complex is comprised of two buildings, both on the National Register of Historic Places. Due to the historic status, the buildings did not have to meet waterproofing requirements and were allowed to be a ‘floodable’ facility. This meant that all new construction below the floodplain had to adhere to acceptable flood resistant materials per FEMA requirements, all building materials had to be moisture resistant.

The 20,000 sf building houses The Café restaurant, equipped with a new kitchen, on the first floor. The new space seats about 120 people at capacity with an additional 135 seats available in the adjoining atrium. The expansive atrium space connects The Café to Louisville Stoneware & Co. and a massive garage door opens to Christy’s Garden and Old Forester’s Paristown Hall. With the extra atrium seating space that will be utilized year-round, The Cafe’s new space totals 6,000 sf.

The second and third floors is home to Hopewell “work laboratory”, a shared workspace with amenities and technology to support a multitude of business needs for the community. Those floors contain conference rooms, huddle rooms and personal work areas for local businesses. Moveable modern “DIRTT” walls are being incorporated into the design to create flexible and modern office spaces. 

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