Frankfort, Kentucky


of Kentucky

Historic Restoration

20,000 sq ft

A careful restoration of the most significant interior public space of the State Capitol.

This project consisted of the interior restoration of the Kentucky State Capitol Rotunda. It included cleaning of the marble walls and archways, plaster repair and painting all originally painted surfaces. The paint used was from a paint manufacturer based in Kentucky specializing in historic paint. Special additives were blended with the gold paint to mimic the effects of gold leafing. The four pendentives beneath the dome were prepped for new murals which were installed immediately following construction completion.

Electrical work included accent lighting to illuminate the new murals, the refurbishment of the four existing chandeliers, and the replacement of all of the incandescent lighting with LED lamps. The lighting of the dome itself is achieved by twelve multi-color LED fixtures connected to an electronic control for color changing sequences. Several cracked or damaged oculus ring light globes were specially manufactured to match the original. This restoration could only take place due to an elaborate scaffolding structure that was erected within the Rotunda and extended to approximately 155 feet above the marble floor. Great care was taken to protect the floor as well as the five statues within the space.