APH Front Street View
American Printing House
for the Blind

Museum and Renovation

Louisville, Kentucky

American Printing House for the Blind


280,000 SF existing facilities
12,000 SF museum addition

Improving efficiency for office and fabrication practices while embracing a new museum for the community.

KNBA has completed a comprehensive review of the physical organization of the American Printing House for the Blind’s business (providing printed and digital aids to those with sight impairment) for the re-imagining of 280,000 SF of existing facilities throughout 16 conjoined buildings and a 12,000 SF Helen Keller Museum addition. This project began with a thorough examination or existing facilities, master planning, programming and re-stacking of all business departments, as well as coordination with a manufacturing consultant to access their fabrication practices and suggest ways to improve efficiency. 

The process continued with the design of the new Helen Keller Museum addition intending to demystify blindness and provide a new, welcoming entrance to APH for the community. The addition was blended with the existing buildings to create new exhibit space, a classroom, gift shop, library, Café, multipurpose room and new circulation to enhance both the employee and visitor experience in the re-imaged American Printing House facility.